Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Poor Louie

Poor Louie
Author: Tony Fucile
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Gloria


Summary: The book is about a Chihuahua named Louie who has the perfect life with his owners. He is the center of attention. In the beginning of the book he is telling us how he wants to run away because he is not loved anymore. Slowly his perfect life started to change, he FELT that he was slowly losing the attention of his owners. He then realizes the horrifying reason behind his perfect life changing. His owners were preparing to replace him with a baby! They started buying two of everything. He couldn’t take the thought of having to deal with not only one baby but TWO! Once Louie the Chihuahua knows that he is being replaced, he plans to run away, but is caught by a neighbor. By that time it was time for the baby to come home. To Louie’s surprise once the baby got home it was only one and not two. The owners introduced the baby as his baby brother, and everything they were buying was for the baby and for Louie. At the end Louie was happy and in love with his baby brother and his new life.

Review: I really enjoyed this book, for anyone that has any pets, it is very easy to connect to the book. The book was funny, the illustration was great. The character they gave Louie was also perfect for a Chihuahua, having one myself I felt even a greater connection. Over all one of my favorite children’s books that I have read.

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