Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Turtle in Paradise

Turtle in Paradise 
Author: Jennifer L. Holm
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Reviewer: Denise Z.
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Summary: 1935 in Key West FL, Turtle has to move from New Jersey to Key West to be with her mother’s sister that she’s never met. Boy cousins, family secrets. Filled with adventure. Turtle is smart and spunky. Depression Era historical fiction, treasure map.
Review: Turtle in Paradise is a historical fiction novel that takes place in 1935 during the Depression Era. Eleven-year-old Turtle has to leave her mom in New Jersey and go to Key West, Florida to live with her aunt so her mom can work as a housekeeper for a woman who doesn’t like kids. Turtle is a bright and witty girl who knows how to get her way and her aunt and her cousins realize her spunk immediately when she surprises them at their doorstep. While living with them, she discovers family secrets and the differences between where she lived with her mom and where she is living now. The story really unfolds when Turtle discovers a treasure map.

Turtle is a very likeable character from the very beginning of the novel. Her bluntness and intelligence adds honesty and heart to Jennifer Holm’s story. Without the main character’s personality, there could have been no adventure in the novel and my interest would have deterred.

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